Peripheral IV Cannulation

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A comprehensive e-learning resource on Peripheral IV Cannulation.

Registered nurses at all levels who undertake the care and management of intravenous therapy in the clinical arena.

Description of the course
This e-learning course has been designed as a self-paced, interactive learning program covering all aspects of peripheral IV Cannulation and composed of 8 modules.

The e-learning course includes topics ranging from Clinical relevance of anatomy and Physiology of blood and blood vessels, Patient considerations, Therapy considerations, Site & device selection, IV cannula insertion procedure & best practices, Dressing & After care and Prevention & management of complications.

Total duration: 6 hours

Course Objectives
The course will enable the learner with the appropriate level of knowledge, clinical expertise and technical skills necessary to

  • perform peripheral intravenous cannulation
  • perform dressing and after care
  • prevent and manage of complications


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